Monday, April 30, 2012

That's Nuts: A Nutty Alternative to Roux

What turns a boring broth into an exciting soup or stew? Usually it's the chopped veggies, meat, herbs, spices, and noodles that you add to it. But don't forget about the broth itself! Thickening it adds more body, texture, and flavor to your soup.
You can thicken a broth by cooking something starchy, like noodles, rice, or potatoes in it. Some people add plain flour, and some cook up a roux (flour and butter, sautéed together in a pan) to thicken their soups. But there's a simpler and, some might say, healthier way to thicken a soup—nut butters!


Whole Journeys

Dear Team Members,

Last week, we introduced you to Whole Journeys – an exciting new travel company designed to take our customers directly to the sources of our products around the world. Now, you can visit Grapevine to read a letter from John Mackey about the program and view photos of our executives taking their own Whole Journeys adventures.

Executive Director Kathy Dragon is currently creating active, multi-day trips for small groups of WFM customers, who will be able to meet our food producers and artisans, both domestically and internationally. In the future, we’ll also offer programs that dive deeper into cooking, wine, tea, coffee and more, plus partner with our Healthy Eating Team and Whole Planet Foundation on future wellness/immersion and volunteering programs, respectively. We’ll then share the experiences of our travelers through in-store communications, our social media channels and more!

Stay tuned for more information, including the Whole Journeys website, and please direct any questions to

Thank you!
Global Team Member Services 

Celebrating the 10th Anniversaryof WFM Canada

Hello Pacific Northwest!

It is Whole Foods Market’s 10th anniversary in Canada; 10 years since our first Canadian store opened in Yorkville, Ontario on May 1, 2002. We are honouring the occasion by announcing and celebrating Grow Canada Day throughout the Region, and along with the Midwest Region, throughout the company!

Our entry into Canada was a very important milestone. It tested WFM’s ability to understand ‘local’ in a way it had never had to before, as well as to translate systems, to listen and to learn, to know when to be proud and when to be humble, and to prove that the concept that was working so well in one country had the potential to be equally or more successful in another.

Thanks to the knowledge, passion, dedication, patience, mentorship, and just plain hard work of many Canadians, it worked. Our acceptance and growth in Canada is amazing, and for our Region it has been critical. What we’ve gained is not just about sales and profit, it is about some of the best TM’s in the company; about ideas that have carried across the region and the company; about a place where we can evolve our systems and be prepared for greater growth; and about integrating a Canadian spirit and attitude that is a wonderful compliment to our American temperament.
Of course, in the PN our Canadian entry into Park Royal in 2004 set the stage for our eventual merger with Capers in 2008, which truly made the difference in our local expertise, acceptance, and potential. More on that later.

In the coming days you’ll hear about many Team Member and public activities and events, which will culminate on our official Grow Canada Day – May 16.

So raise a toast, send a note, post a comment, and celebrate with us this 10th Anniversary of Whole Foods Market Canada!

Joe Rogoff
Regional President
Whole Foods Market Pacific Northwest

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Food Network and ANDI

Hi All—just wanted to call attention to this great Food Network blog hit on ANDI in case you missed it:
Click here to link to the article by  in Katie's Healthy Bites

Random Acts of Kindness

On opening day of the NORTH PROVIDENCE EAST LITTLE LEAGUE, University Heights performed a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS and made new friends with this youth baseball league, just miles from the store.
Flying solo today, yours truly loaded up the car with organic apples, Clif Kid Z Bars and water and showed up just before the celebration began. Instantly made new friends with the president and concession manager, who said with joy in face receiving this bounty of healthy snacks -- “Nobody ever donates food to us!”
Of course, the concession stand was loaded with candy and other junk food and they were overjoyed to give the kids a healthy option.
The discussion will continue next week how we can support them with regular donations of fruit and nutritious snacks!
Score one for the UNI team!
In the line up below is former Mayor of Providence, now Congressman David Cicilline who came up and shook my hand in thanks!
Bonnie Frechette
Marketing Team Leader
Whole Foods Market
University Heights

Pigeon Cove at All Access!

All Access

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Have a Bean

Local roasted coffee from the Naperville store.

Three Floyds

EC Joel from Midwest  scored me some hard to get  Three  Floyd's beer. Oh so nice after a a long day of visiting stores here in Chicgoland.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Venice Produce

The Venice store knocks one out of the park with their local produce set.
Great job!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Haiku for David Lannon

Aisles of endless options
            Our eyes become dizzied and tired
New eyes bring New ideas and we're inspired again-

katina stallworth  |  marketing supervisor | whole foods market | west los angeles

Monday, April 9, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

Hope the Easter bunny was good to you this year.
Enjoy time with friends and family.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Ken's New BFF

Tea time is at 4:00 PM.