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Storm: Social Media updates and more

Hi All,

This morning my Store Team Leader, Dale, texted me at 8 am and told me that he “had an idea.” Two hours later, we opened our café up (4 hours before we officially opened) to the Plymouth Meeting community to provide free WiFi, coffee, tea, snacks and laptop and cell phone charging stations. Within minutes, we had over 50 customers in our café, and we probably saw over 400+ people over the course of four hours. We also had a local newspaper (Plymouth-Whitemarsh Patch) come in and ask a few questions and snap some photos.

 Our Facebook post about our café received over 4,300 likes, 200 comments and 210 shares in just a few hours. Overall, our page received 300+ new likes. You can see all of the action right here: http://www.facebook.com/PlymouthMeeting

Here are a few of my favorite comments:

Made a solid whole foods shopper out of me! I'll support a store who supports its community, particularly when it really counts!! Well done Whole Foods!

Great job whole foods, awesome example of how a corporation responds to disasters!

Speaks volumes about WFM and how they care for the community. Thank you WFM.

Thank you! I was in earlier this morning. This is just another reason why I love whole foods. It really is a community store.

Now that is what I call caring customer service. What a kind, thoughtful and generous thing to do for the community! Props to you, Whole Foods!

 Thanks to Karel in TMS, Courtney, Omar, Bakery & Admin Team Members for helping out! Thanks to Dale for this wonderful idea.

Hope you all stayed safe and dry over the past few days!

 Amy Chidichimo| Marketing Team Leader

Sandy Update

Northeast Region – Update from RP Christina Minardi
Crazy storm last night lots of wind damage, flooding and power outages.
We have 9 stores without power throughout the region some of those stores do have generators others just dry ice.
Will have 16 stores open by noon today. As of now folks are safe several people have had trees and debris fall on their houses, roof damage, and flooding but from what we can see people are safe.  Stores are currently checking with all team members.
Many of us are without power myself included. Crazy thing was last night at the height of the storm I thought I kept seeing lighting but it was actually all the electrical transformers that were blowing.
Again team did an outstanding job throughout this storm.
Loading up at TriBeCa...

Mid-Atlantic Region – Update from RP Scott Allshouse
The western and southern part of the region were unaffected by Sandy-the Frankenstorm.
So this applies to our DC, Northern VA, and Philly area stores.
We had some stores in and out of power but at this point we have 2 stores without power.
All stores closed early yesterday and will be opening later today.  The average store was closed yesterday at 1pm and opening today at noon.
There are still many roads closed and public transportation was shut down yesterday and still so far today.  
State and Federal governments are closed except emergency response teams.  
City of Baltimore roads are closed except for emergency vehicles until noon today.
The weather has softened but the rain continues through today with some wind gusts which could still present some issues, but we believe the worst is behind us.
Old Town - Most popular spot in the store is the PUB (check out 2 cops hanging out, waiting for the worst to hit) - Monday.

North Atlantic Region – Update from RP Laura Derba
All stores opened at 8am today – all power restored and we are back in business! 
Lots of power outages around the region yesterday, stores closed between 2-6pm and we had a few stores without power thru the day for periods of time we had dry ice and generators ready to be moved around as needed.
Our stores were crazy busy on Sunday we had great sales and the shelves were empty at the end of the day!
All of our Team Members did an amazing job thru all the craziness taking care of our customers and keeping our stores going!
We just had a morning call with our regional leadership and all Team Members and their families are safe and have made it thru the storm.
We are very happy to say GOOD-BYE to Hurricane Sandy!
Photos from around the North Atlantic...

We are glad everyone is safe and are hoping the the worst is over at this point.

Congratulations Giants!

The Team at Old Town!

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WFM Newport Beach Presents

Filled Out My Ballot Today

Swordfish and more Swordfish!

We sold 242 pounds of Local South Carolina Swordfish at the Columbia opening.  We brought in an entire swordfish was cut to order off of a canoe in the department by our lead cutter from our South Seafood Facility, Keith Ellis. We sold out at 3pm.

Song of the Week

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Follow the Frog

10 Brands Doing Tumblr Right

Whole Foods is getting further accolades in the social space.
Click here to link.

Virginia Beach Store Opening!

The newest store in the Mid-Atlantic region is located in the Hilltop area of Virginia Beach on Laskin Rd. just west of First Colonial. Whole Foods Market Virginia Beach offers you the highest quality natural and organic products at the best prices possible while making grocery shopping fun!

NE Vision Day 2013

Hey Everyone,
Here is a link to the updated media from NE Vision Day 2013:
NE Vision Day Gallery
Check out all the awesome videos and pictures from this fantastic event!
Huge appreciations to all involved, especially the Talent Show participants!

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HSK Savoury Bakery

Full Service Counter Team!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Davis, CA

Getting ready to open on Wednesday and supporting Yes on Prop 37 in California.

Walter and Mayor Booker

Mayor of Newark Whole Cities here we come!  

bon appetit and Saveur

Check out this months Thanksgiving issues.  Inspire some ideas and ingredients with your customers!  Some great photos as well!  Different ways to celebrate the holiday. 

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Whole Trade Chalk

Berrong on Beer - The pursuit of hoppiness at the Great American Beer Festival

Nathan Berrong works at CNN's satellite desk and writes Eatocracy's beer column, "Berrong on Beer." He Tweets at @nathanberrong and logs beers at Untappd.
The Great American Beer Festival just celebrated its 31st year as the premier beer event in the country. The festival takes place in Denver and this year, 2,700 different beers were poured from over 500 breweries - the biggest selection of American beers ever served. Tickets for the festival went on sale in August and sold out in a record 45 minutes, a true testament to the continued popularity of craft beer. (Last year, it took more than a week for the tickets to sell out.) I was one of the 49,000 lucky ones who were able to attend and drink some incredible beer amid a sea of mostly bearded dudes.
Almost every beer I tasted during the three-day festival was top-notch, and rightfully so, as breweries bring their A-game and serve their finest beers. But, a few stood out from the pack for me.

One of the most interesting and pleasantly surprising beers I had was Green Chili from Flat Branch Pub and Brewery out of Columbia, Missouri. The beer isn’t for everyone, but if you like a spicy element in your food or drink, this beer sure delivers.

Click here to continue reading on eatocracy.com

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BEERS OF THE TIMES: From the White House, Beer We Can Believe In

After relentless demand that the administration hand over samples or at least discuss its methods, the White House yielded and published a recipe for its Honey Ale. We tasted, and here’s the verdict. 

he president was photographed over the summer enjoying the White House Honey Ale, which prompted a relentless demand that the administration hand over samples or at least discuss its methods. On Sept. 1, the White House yielded and published a recipe.

The president said the beer was good. Was it? The Dining section truth squad leaped into action, enlisting Garrett Oliver, the brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery, to make a batch to assess.        

Click here to continue on nytimes.com

Haunted Cupcake Case