Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally, Without a Store-Bought Kit

Like most people, I grew up on Paas eggs, glowing with chemical dyes and artificial colors. My memories are vivid: the sulphuric smell of boiled eggs, the sharp hit of vinegar in my nostrils, the metal egg holder shaped like an old person's eyeglasses, and the mystical colored dye tablets. The connection between hard-boiled eggs and the Christian religion is pretty much lost on me, though its symbolism of new life rings true, especially on a Spring day like today. Anyway, it doesn't matter too much—they're a tradition, and that means enough. Click here to continue.

Song of the Week

9 Ways to Enjoy Cadbury Creme Eggs

Easter is the last of the "candy holidays" until Halloween, so you better make the most of it! A few candies have become traditional for Easter: choco... Read more at

Check out the latest Sunset issue. Great food destinations.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Cupcake Happy Hour at Callowhill!

Santa Cruz Brews

Harlem Shake for a Cause @ Jenkintown

Easter Bread in the South Region


Fairfield Easter Pies

Look at these gorgeous ricotta and wheatberry pies for Easter - thanks to Yadi and the production staff for producing such beautiful pies... can't wait to see them fly off the shelf!


So many wonderful photos!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dark Chocolate Sriracha Bunny

The Dark Chocolate Sriracha Bunny by Sugar Plum Chocolates is a handmade solid Belgian chocolate rabbit flavored with Sriracha hot sauce. The Pennsylvania-based chocolatiers describe it as a “Modern Twist on an Easter Classic.”  click here to check it out

The New Richmond Store!

For a Holistic Lifestyle, Go to Aisle 2

Erin Baiano for The New York Times
The Whole Body shop in Chelsea, shown here, sells natural beauty products like Alaffia’s Authentic African Black Soap. The shop is part of the Whole Foods chain. More Photos »

Shortly after New York Fashion Week, I stood with my umbrella dripping on the concrete floor of Whole Body, the health and beauty department of the Whole Foods Market in Chelsea. After days of Champagne and late nights, the thought of rejuvenating with natural beauty products had conjured visions of “Sound of Music” bliss, but the aisles were jammed with more labels and products than I could easily navigate. 
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RCK - Everyone loves PBJ!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Park Lane, Texas Serving it Up for Whole Planet

Friday night 30 guests donated $30 each for an educational wine dinner featuring Jessica Killen, team member from the 2012 Whole Planet Foundation volunteer program. Guests learned about Jessica's life changing trip to India, and enjoyed delicious recipes that were created first hand by microcredit recipients from across the globe! In addition, we held a silent auction where guests bid on artwork donated by Park Lane team members! Total money raised from the dinner & silent auction totaled $1,205!!

Woburn, Mass Gets Messy for Whole Planet

Woburn team members were unbelievably excited about the opportunity to take a pie throw at their favorite ATL or TL to raise money for Whole Planet Foundation!!! Eddie Paulino came out to help us raise funds starting off the day and as you can see our very own DeeDee finished taking many a pie for the Whole Planet Foundation cause. Our Store Leadership, Team Leaders and Associate Team Leaders definitely made this fundraiser a success by volunteering to get a little messy and hyping it up to their teams to increase donations.
In one hour we raised over $200 to support the Whole Planet Foundation, which provides microcredit loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries around the world. The leaders of our store put themselves out on the line to raise money, everyone had lots of fun, and we absolutely generated interest in giving to the Whole Planet Foundation. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for participating on such a chilly day; especially Eddie Paulino who made a special visit out to us and to DeeDee for going up to the pie throwing platform twice!

Not So Springtime in St. Louis

Yesterday at the Town and Country Store...

Giffnock WFM in Scotland!

Pop up WB venue at Pearl!

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Supercut of People Running in Movies


Borough Market in London!

Pop Up Pie Venue!

Saturday in Encinitas

Awesome day here in Encinitas!  Local resident songwriter Jack Tempchin launched his “Peaceful Easy Feeling” wine with an acoustic set of original compositions.  “Slow Dancing (Swaying to the Music)”, “Already Gone” and of course “Peaceful Easy Feeling” were some of the crowd favorites.  He also sang a song about Tijuana that he wrote with Tom Waits, saying “this was written back in the 60’s – back in 1972 – the best year of the 60’s.”  Strong community energy in the store, a very California beach vibe – even more than usual!

Right now the wine is exclusive at Encinitas.  We blew through almost 14 cases today, and have a huge backorder for early next week.  Good stuff!!!  

John Marsh
Store Team Leader
Whole Foods Market | Encinitas