Saturday, November 30, 2013

Santa Cruz...

…knows what I want for Christmas!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Hang Under 10 Santa Cruz

Maui, HI

Maui - storewide sampling events every Monday (Mouthwatering Mondays).

Venice, CA

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Oxnard Produce

The Best Turkey Frying Disasters on the Internet

Click here to link to the videos.

Willowbrook Tray Case

We do a tray center in our produce upright cooler for every holiday.  One place where customers can get great options for their gathering!

Seafood in Tempe

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The store placed baby's breath on the tree and displayed the bunches of baby's breath around the tree as a skirt. So far these have been a big hit for the customers for a great idea to decorate at a great Value.  Our Baby's Breath are the 3 for $12 program.  Movement on this has been awesome.

Song of the Week

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Forest, TX Game Birds

Somerset (Troy, MI) Produce

Edmund in Action in Capitola

Fantasy Football - Week 12

Here are this weeks standings you can also check the link here for the latest:

Nice Touch in the Northeast

With every order, the customer gets an herb plant.

#wfmholiday Pic from River Street

Savannah with candles and other hostess gifts.

#wfmholiday Pic from Venice

San Rafael, CA Produce

Palo Alto, CA

Palm Beach Gardens Style

On The Road with David

Driving to Monterey last night to visit the store. Listening to KPIG and watching the sunset.

Meredith Smith, Executive Director for the Whole Cities Foundation


Excited to announce Meredith Smith as the first Executive Director for
the Whole Cities Foundation.

Meredith's enormous heart and passion for bringing healthy food to
underserved communities makes her the perfect leader for this role. She
has multicultural experience from growing up in places like Indonesia and
Yemen and work experience building community in Mexico Uganda, North
Carolina, and Washington DC. As you might expect, she also has an amazing
background that includes non profit leadership in  community and public
health, and research and program evaluation. New to WFM, she is a long
time shopper and supporter of conscious capitalism.  We are very pleased
to have her here to help us step up our role in creating healthier

Meredith will officially join next week, and will be featured in
Innerviews, do a brown bag at the Global office, and speak  at the GSTM
in February.  I will also write a piece for next Innerviews as well.

Filling this role is a critical step in setting the WCF vision in motion
- the regions and the foundation working together to broaden access to
fresh healthy foods and improve healthy outcomes in these communities.

Meredith will be reporting jointly to Nona Evans and myself for the first
year. We will shortly begin putting together the initial BOD for the
Foundation as well.

My thanks to Wendy, Joy and Nona for the tremendous work during the
selection and interview process. We went through two rounds over four
months and these folks did a fantastic job setting us up for success. I
also want to thank our fantastic interview panel - Nona, Joy, Amanda
Swan, Amanda Musilli, Scott Allshouse, Betsy Foster, Akua Woolbright, and
Glenda - for their dedication diligence and honesty throughout.

So here we go with our third foundation. I see tremendous things ahead
not only for Whole Cities, but for all three foundations pursuing  their
own purposes, and also  potentially doing work together.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Woodland Hills Oven Ready

Arden Way (Sacramento)

Cakes at Venice

Aventura, FL

Fresno, CA

Park Lane Goat Cheese Creations

Guests travel from far & wide to purchase these wonderful, hand-made goat cheese creations from our talented team member Karen Diaz.

Hinsdale, IL


Andy, Grocery ATL


Arroyo's Giant Mushroom Display

Ponce de Leon

Sherman Oaks East #4

Amazing “life-like” FEED 4 MORE display above our Produce department, to help feed those in need for the holiday!


Holiday "dressing rehearsal" Décor & Food!

Jazzy Nights with Top 10 Holiday Wines, Build your own Brie's, Kicked up Nuts & Apple Pie Cupcake Bites.

Plano, Texas

Eighty-Sixth Street's Gift Card Vest

New Items at Folsom

Thanks to Steven Smith at Folsom for the below post: 
Thought we'd share a few of our newest creations.  They all hit the floor today with the exception of the Mediterranean Feta.  Special shout out to Roseville for the BBT Recipe (if you haven't tried it, you absolutely need to).