Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Welcome Hilton Head Island!

Austin Getting Ready to Hatch!

Tapas y Taps venue at Coral Gables!

A very cool sit down beer and wine bar featuring Spanish style tapas prepared in store 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Hatchery - pop-up entrepreneur shop at Cherry Hill!

Vintage, handmade jewelry and other items by Beaucycled

Friday, July 25, 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014

NE FEED Event!

North Atlantic's Most Recent Local Producer Loan Recipient: Perfect Fuel Chocolate!

We are happy to announce the North Atlantic Region’s most recent Local Producer Loan recipient, Perfect Fuel Chocolate! Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Perfect Fuel produces delicious dark chocolate energy bites. They can currently be found in the North Atlantic and NorCal regions.
Camping out the night before a triathlon in 2010, owner, Nicolas Warren, noticed he was missing his ginseng, an important part of his pre-race routine. He was taking ginseng regularly to support his endurance during training leading up to the race and was always snacking on chocolate. On his way back to the campsite, he wondered why he couldn’t mix his ginseng with his chocolate just like nuts, or into his trail mix just like chocolate. That would be one seriously healthy snack. Good dark chocolate is already a pure, delicious, super nutritious food for athletes. Adding ginseng for the extra health benefit would be…. Perfect.
The current Dark Chocolate Energy Bite is the perfect combination of nutritious cocoa and the vitality of North American ginseng. Perfect Fuel is expanding their products to include Espresso Energy Bites for a convenient natural boost, and Chia Energy Bites to stave off hunger with fewer than 80 calories.  Perfect Fuel is all natural dark chocolate that is certified organic, made only with low glycemic coconut palm sugar and high in nutrients.
Since loan recipients have a unique relationship with Whole Foods Market, we’d really appreciate you keeping Perfect Fuel Chocolate in mind for things like in-store marketing, promotions, demos, etc.  Please share this information with your team members and guests! Facebook and Twitter verbiage is below.  Let me know if you need contact information in order to set something up in your store. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rocky Mountain Region's Most Recent Loan Recipient: Zum XR

We are happy to announce the Rocky Mountain Region’s most recent Local Producer Loan recipient, Zum XR! Located in Denver, Colorado, Zum XR produces all natural time-release energy drinks. They can currently be found in the RM region.

Bob Niichel originally developed Zum XR in his basement out of a need for a healthier, longer-lasting sports energy drink to help him endure long bicycle rides in the mountains. Zum XR is the only natural energy drink with extended-release ingredients. Their product contains tiny, tasteless beads in the liquid that release vitamins and electrolytes over a 3-4 hour period.  Delivering ingredients via their time-release system increased absorption rates of nutrients.  Better absorption means better nutrition.  Zum XR has strong science and patents behind its extended-release claims.

Zum XR is a boost of refreshing energy in a bottle. Fortified with electrolytes and vitamins, this is the next generation of healthy sustained energy. They craft every product with health in mind, but being healthy goes beyond ingredients. They support a holistic approach to life, including exercise and eating healthy, natural foods. Their drinks are GMO-Free, Gluten Free and Vegan. They plan to purchase additional machinery to increase capacity and expand into more stores and regions!

Since loan recipients have a unique relationship with Whole Foods Market, we’d really appreciate you keeping Zum XR in mind for things like in-store marketing, promotions, demos, etc.  Please share this information with your team members and guests! Facebook and Twitter verbiage is below.  Let me know if you need contact information in order to set something up in your store.  

Thanks to everyone for your support of the program, and please let us know if you have any questions!

Enjoying Pure Aloha

Monday, July 21, 2014

Frankie's Nursery Visit - Oahu

Frankie and Jenny
Tastes better than it smells.

Mele Kalima Pineapple  - the best tasting in the world!
Dinner Plate Fig

Dragon Fruit


Truck in Chinatown Honolulu

Shave Ice - Island Mango Pineapple

Big Catch in Maui

Look what we ended up with for fresh marlin...A whopper Kajiki!

Nice grilling and smoking fish, also makes a great poke.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Whole Planet Foundation + Wearable Hope t-shirts

Hi Whole Foods Market Team Member Volunteers,

Here’s a fun opportunity to engage with Whole Planet Foundation that you can share with your friends!
Wearable Hope is the newest community focused initiative from, an Austin-based company who is supporting our mission to alleviate poverty worldwide.  Wearable Hope’s purpose is to encourage new and existing supporters to drive social awareness and generate funds to further the missions of partner organizations like Whole Planet Foundation. 
Check out the 2 tshirts they designed for Whole Planet Foundation!  For every purchase of the Give A Hand Upand One Planet organic t-shirts, Wearable Hope will donate $10 to Whole Planet Foundation.  Plus, Wearable Hope is offering free shipping on 2 or more shirts.  You can also view the tees attached below.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hinsdale's Got it Going On

Soap is Looking Good in Franklin

Kingdom of Good (soap) in Rockville

Cleaning Up in Petaluma - Today Only Alaffia Good Soap = $1 each!

Song of the Week

2X the magic!

Today is a very proud day for the Somerville Team as we brought not 1 but 2 customers to tears using a little Whole Foods magic….

First there was Carlos, pictured below, who is a very loyal customer walking to the store about 3 times a day with his family. Carlos was devastated when he found out he had to move away from us to Medford and would no longer be able to walk here. This weekend he came in to inform us that Tuesday would be his moving date but that he had it all figured out. His wife who worked close to Somerville would still drive here to do the weekly shopping and he would take day trips as often as possible with his little boy (who we all love dearly also pictured below) to visit the store. My Supervisor Team and I came up with a plan to surprise him with a SMV goodie bag filled with his families favorite treats, a card with well wishes from everyone in the store, and a gift card thanking him for the “laughs and the loyalty”! This morning he was so overwhelmed by our gesture that he was brought to tears! Then was going home to write about our kindness on his blog!

Then there was Maureen, another daily shopper who is so kind hearted that she once bought some bakery treats for our Supervisor Brandon because it was his birthday! Well, we found out her birthday was today and with the help of our floral TM Christine & Jessi in marketing Brandon was able to return the favor and surprise her with a wrapped bouquet of beautiful flowers and a card. She immediately started to cry and told us how she thought it might be a sad birthday because her friends were away and she had no one to spend it with. Thanks to Whole Foods Market Somerville she had a great birthday!!!

Emily Hinton (NA SMV)  


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Alaffia Good Soap Sale

That’s right, a buck!!!!

Olomana Hike

Vega Pop Up at Plantation, FL

Wednesday, July 16, 2014