Sunday, November 30, 2014

Beautiful Mushrooms at the Distribution facility in the UK

Check out these promo signs

Glenn at Waterman (PRO) added these promo signs to the Rising Tide display and guess what..... They were #1 in units in the Entire Company! Well done Glenn and Team!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Alameda WFM Coming Soon (San Jose, CA)

GFN rolls out "Soul Soup"

"The goal here is simple, quick, hot food – where 25% of the donations can be given to a local charity.  You can order a soup for £3, hot beverage (white/black coffee or tea) for £1.50, and/or a roll for 50p.  We’re setting it up in front of the store at the moment, but might play around with that depending on what works best.  We’ve had so many ideas of how to use the Airstream outside of offsite events, and in the non-summer months.  Hopefully this will get us started in a simple way, with low overheard, and allow us to create some excitement going into the holiday season, and give a bit back as well." ~ Darren Campbell, STL GFN

Nifty Idea at Blossom Hill (San Jose, CA)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from Bellevue

Brooklyn Wall of Pies

Go Big!

Stevens Creek Tap Room

Sous Vide Turkey Breast in the UK

Napa Produce

Huge appreciation to the Entire Napa Produce Team for all their hard work!

Holiday Produce at El Segundo

Happy holidays from Basalt (BLT)!

Sharing How to Give Thanks to Your Community

Sharing a few ways to give Thanks to your Community. Visit your local schools and organizations with your STL to thank your Taste of Thanksgiving partners. Attend a school assembly or a community meeting to share your gratitude and wins. Today we thanked Sunnyside School students for selling 490 tickets for TOT, raising$2,453 and placing 7 orders. We handed out chocolate bags to the top three sellers and cookies to the 7 classes that participated. Sixth grader Joscelyn sold over 30 tickets. Visit your local food pantry to hand out Thanksgiving goodie bags to your neighbors, or volunteer as a team at Oregon Food Bank.
And finally don’t forget to use social media to call out your partnerships.  Deep appreciations to Abib for coming out to Sunnyside School and to our incredible Team Leaders for their amazing support during Taste of Thanksgiving.