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Allegro Coffee in Thornton is Whole Foods' exclusive roasting plant



First article from Norway trip!

I’m thrilled to share a wonderful article from Clare Leschin-Hoar that resulted from our trip to Norway. It’s all about lumpsuckers as an innovative aquaculture solution that’s been driven by Whole Foods Market.

By Clare Leschin-Hoar


It's On Us in Glendale!

Glendale utilizes the “It’s On Us” Sticker program to pleasantly surprise their shoppers! While they interact with them, they use these to strategically create an enhanced shopping experience and create goodwill.

Here are two Specialty TMs ready to go (they had just given one to a family to try something new) and Jonathan in Meat, with a VERY happy shopper, not pictured is Jim, Meat TL who helped explain how much they appreciate her loyalty.

One customer was having trouble choosing between two cakes because he had never tried them, so he picked one and the second one was on us! He said he was so grateful, he said it made him want to buy more.

The Glendale team members are ready to create interactions that make customers fall in love and become LOYAL SHOPPERS!


MLB Opening Day at ISP! (Albuquerque, NM)


Like package and product was very good looking!

My morning commute! Nice view!

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PCH Produce Team Celebrates 100% Completion Status

Completing the Produce Warrior Academy Avocados!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Whole Foods Is About To Start Brewing Its Own Beer

By Joe Satran

North America's 360-some Whole Foods Markets already sell beer made by more than 500 different breweries. But one location set to open on Houston's Post Oak Boulevard this summer plans to pour beer under a label never before sold at Whole Foods, or anywhere else: its own.

Last week, the Austin-based supermarket chain started soliciting applications for a brewmaster to head a brewery at the new location -- a first for the company and, perhaps, for the American supermarket industry. Though several other grocery chains sell their own beer, they usually subcontract the actual brewing of the liquid to outside companies.

In a phone call with The Huffington Post, Nichole Becerra, who oversees the beer programs for all the Whole Foods in the Southwest, described the brewery as an outgrowth of Whole Foods' experimentation with building bars at locations around the country.

"As we developed our beer program and made it better, putting beer bars in our stores and offering growlers in our stores, it just seemed like a natural evolution for us," she said.

For now, details on the brewery remain fuzzy. Becerra's team is currently inviting employees around the region to send in suggestions for the label's name; she says the name will ultimately be "something really fun" rather than the "365" brand that Whole Foods currently uses for most in-house products. Becerra said that she wants to hire someone with experience brewing beer on a fairly large scale, rather than a home-brew hobbyist. But she said that they have not yet decided on the store's exact brewing capacity, nor on how much of the beer, if any, they will distribute outside the Post Oak location. The beer's style is also up in the air.

"What we brew will depend on who we hire," Becerra said. "The regional team isn't going to dictate what they make. We really want to make it up to the expert and up to someone who might offer us a really great recipe."

Kate Neu, a marketing coordinator at Whole Foods Corporate, said that while Whole Foods currently has no plans to open further breweries, there's precedent for a local experiment like this one to expand across the country if it's successful.

"That's what started to happen with in-store bars," Neu said. "In a few regions, the stores started playing with it, and it became a widespread practice that's working really well. So that's definitely a hope the same thing could happen with breweries."

Whole Foods' move into brewing comes at a heady time for the American craft beer industry, with sales growing rapidly for over a decade. American spending on craft beer grew 20 percent in 2013 alone.

But sales of private-label beer at the few other supermarket chains that sell it have not fared as well, dropping 13 percent in 2013. And Julia Herz, craft beer director at the Beer Association, an industry trade group, attributed this disparity to consumers' desire for authenticity in branding.

"Some beer lovers might want more than just a well-priced beer style," she said. "They want the whole story behind the brewery who actually makes those brands, because ultimately beer is about brands."

Still, Beccera is confident that Whole Foods' focus on a premium product and in-store brewing will differentiate its beer from the beverages its competitors have been having trouble selling.

"I think it's going to be way better than any kind of private label in-house beer that you're going to find on the shelf," she said.

Amazing team at the kitchen in the MA!!

Front Runner Messenger Bag being used in the SW-----love it!

DIY For Dark Rye! There's still time to submit your ideas!

Are you a master of the DIY domain? A connoisseur in the kitchen? Dark Rye is still looking for submissions to be featured in their upcoming May “Art” issue! Head here to submit your original recipes and DIY projects, to be considered for inclusion in the next issue of Dark Rye, Whole Foods Market’s James Beard Award winning magazine!

But wait – there’s more! We’ll select 10 submissions to receive a Dark Rye water bottle, so you can sip in style. Submit your idea here for a chance to win, and possibly have your idea featured in Dark Rye!
Submissions are due April 5, and the editors will announce the winners on April 23.

CNN Money article with Harv Singh NorCal Forager

From farmers' markets to mass market

  @CNNMoney March 27, 2014: 6:56 AM ET

Neal Gottleib had planned to launch his ice cream business the usual way: By opening a store and selling his frozen treats over the counter. There was one problem: When he launched his first store in 2005, hardly anyone came through the door.

"The location was terrible," said Gottlieb, founder of Petaluma, Calif.-based Three Twins Ice Cream.


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Books at Novato!

New exclusive product, let's get behind it! Display from Tamarac in the RM.

Hello All-
Since we can’t say Keurig on our signs, we went out and bought one! We also broke open a couple packages, so people can take one home to try. 

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Pearl Street Feeling Sweet

Lemon Meringue Tarts…insert mouth watering GULP here.

On Tour with EC (Eric Clapton)

Thanks Mark Bowen in SoPac for the following post:

Check out this line-up with Delaney & Bonnie;
Starting with the one and only Eric Clapton - guitar and the most sought
after musician in rock n roll
Dave Mason - guitar from Traffic and wrote the song "Feeling Alright" and
joined Derek and the Dominoes
Carl Radle - bass who jumped ship after the tour to play with Derek and
the Dominos, and was on "The Last Waltz".
Jim Gordon - drums who jumped ship after the tour to play with Derek and
the Dominos also backed up The Everly Brothers at the age of 17 - his
resume is endless
Bobby Whitlock - singer/songwriter from Sam & Dave and Booker T. & the
MGs who also wrote songs for Derek & the Dominoes
Jim Price - horns went to join Rolling Stones and Joe Cocker
Bobby Keys - horns went on to play with the Rolling Stones and every
other great band including Elvis and John Lennon
Rita Coolidge - singer who went on to a huge solo career. She became
known as "The Delta Lady" a song inspired by Leon Russell.
So many other great musicians played in this band including Duane Allman,
Greg Allman, George Harrison, Leon Russell, Gram Parsons, Jim Keltner,
and King Curtis

Just felt like bringing attention to this great couple and drop some

serious names in music- the music of Delaney & Bonnie is a must listen.

Amazing Product from Borough Market!

Rocky Mountain Mango Mark

The lovely ladies of our kitchen in the MA!

Always like self serve bread with ovens right up front! Cool! (Novato, CA)

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I have a teenager!! HB is now 13!!! Woohoo and Scary!


Thank You To Our Rockstars & All-Stars!

Rock Stars & All-stars, 
Thank you all for making the Tribal Games and CTC's time at the Tribal Gathering so amazing. Although NorCal was the clear Tribal Games Winner, it was so awesome to connect with all those that are creating the impact for CTC & the LIFE Line everyday. Hearing the passion you have for Café UBUNTU, our LIFE Line Mums and all of our programs was inspiring.

Tribal Games Final Scores!
NorCal (442), Southwest (226), Global (127), Northeast (80), Midwest (73), Rocky Mountain (46), Florida (26), MidAtlantic (26), North Atlantic (18), Pacific Northwest (15), UK (12), South (10), Southern Pacific (3)

We want to give a huge shout-out to everyone at Allegro Coffee for being such a supportive partner and for all the help during Tribal. It was also so great to see all of our past Team Member Volunteers who have traveled with us to Kenya (Na, Valerie, Katy, Lisa, Darren, Liz, Claire, Kurstin, David and more).

We also want to introduce Kurstin Leith. She recently joined the team and is excited to grow the LIFE Line partnership with WFM and Allegro Coffee through your stores, creating even more jobs and empowering more communities in Kenya. Please email her at if you have any questions, requests or feedback.

What's Next For CTC and WFM
  • NorCal Tribal Bazaar: We'll be there and we'll launch a new bag with the winning design from a competition open to all NorCal Team Members.
  • Mother's Day: We are excited to celebrate our LIFE Line Mum's in May, stay tuned for great stories and product available for your Mom's special day.
  • Aprons: Our first batch of CTC/WFM aprons are heading to the Midwest Region. Email Kurstin if your store or region is interested in having team member aprons made in Kenya.
  • Team Member Volunteer Program: Join us in Kenya this summer, the deadline is fast approaching. Thanks so much to the amazing Whole Planet Foundation family for making miracles happen. Apply now!
  • Café UBUNTU/National Coffee Day: September 29th. We are in the early stages of putting this year's plan in place, stay tuned for details.
Thank you all for hanging out and sharing all the crazy awesome ways your store is promoting our partnership. We look forward to finishing out another year of creating sustainable impact and empowerment alongside Whole Foods Market, Allegro Coffee, and Whole Planet Foundation. This was CTC's first time to take part in Tribal Gathering and it highlighted just how fortunate we are to be a part of such an inspiring company. Thank you for letting us be a member of your Tribe!

The CTC Team
Zane, Shannon, Kurstin, Brittany, Cali, & Damon

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