Friday, September 25, 2015

Huge crowd turns out for Schererville Whole Foods opening on Wednesday

Symphony Store - $500 Winner!

Thanks Chuck Olivieri (Marketing Team Leader) for the following post:

Scott let us know when a couple started using today’s “specially marked” cart just before 3pm and we began to wait patiently for the shoppers to grab what they needed and make their way to the registers. But, we waited. And we waited. They continued to shop and started using a second cart. What is going on!?!?!? (Keep in mind that our average basket size is pretty small since most folks are on foot and shop daily.)

Well, it was nearly 5pm when they got to Joey’s register and he began to ring them through; Will came up and bagged and prepared their order for delivery; ASTL Scott and I were quietly waiting. Nearly $900 later, they were ready to leave and Scott gave them the news. Needless to say, they were thrilled. They were “posted” in DC from Europe in 1997 and shopped at the Georgetown store until being assigned to NYC. They were at Columbus Circle on opening day- as was I- and have been shopping at various WFM stores ever since. Today they were shopping for their daughter’s family who live in Brookline. Here are Symphony’s Week 2 winners, Mr. and Mrs. Sacco, with ASTL Scott and Will, all-around CS Team Member extraordinaire-

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Montrose $500 Gift Card Winner

As you can see the Montrose Team Members were SO excited to give away our first $500 Gift Card!!! We might of startled Baby Jonathan but don’t worry, the balloons made it all better! 

P.S. —> For the 1st 2 weeks of September we are dressing up to raise awareness for our Whole Kids Foundation. Yesterday was Nerd Day! Kim, our Whole Body Team Leader was ROCKING it!!  

Los Gatos has a Winner!

Our first winner was totally surprised, a regular shopper, and very grateful.

We are all looking forward to rolling Love Fest out with more energy next week.

Can’t wait to share the next winner!

This was such a pleasure to be a part of.

The progression – 
Hello – We have a surprise for you …                      
Disbelief and Surprise!!!                                                               
Happy Customer with Store Leadership

Bridgeport has a $500 Love Fest Winner!

We had a very special Shopper today pull our Love Fest cart out of the corral this afternoon, a regular shopper by the name of Sabrina, who has been with Bridgeport since opening day. She said she having a rough day and was so surprised and so happy to be our LOVE FEST Customer Appreciation Winner, it turned her whole day around! She mentioned that she was so grateful she was going to share her gift card with her daughter who also loves our store. Congrats Sabrina!!  We love you too!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hip Chick Farms named Most Innovative Women in Food & Drink

Today is a very exciting day for Hip Chick Farms - Food & Wine named us to the list of the Most Innovative Women in Food & Drink (#4) and #1 Ingenious Foods for the Gluten Free Nuggets. Fortune also published a copy of the list.  This will be in print in the October issues of Food&Wine and Fortune Magazine that hits stands Sept 18:

Food & Wine Most Innovative Women in Food & Drink

LoveFest at Basalt

Big shout out to the Bakery and GA teams for the great collaboration and prepping for this event! Ready at open! Enjoy your coffee today everyone!

LoveFest at Domain

Arbor Trails Sharing the Love

We are sharing the love at Arbor Trails. This lucky family won our $500 Love Fest Customer Appreciation gift card.


Kailua Love

Here at KAO we’ve been on the floor making sure our customers are feeling the L-O-V-E of Love Fest, in fact we’ve been soooooo “Lost” in Love we forgot to share our $500 Gift Card Winner for this week.

Meet our Kama'aina friends Brent & Koni.  They live right here in Kailua and were shocked with the “bonus” they received when they got to the register with their lunch.  We of course “lei’d” them and gave them their $500 gift card.  We offered them our CS TL (that’s Monica holding up the Love Fest poster) for the day, but they insisted the gift card was enough. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

LoveFest at PCH

LoveFest at Tempe

We picked our first Winner today! A super cute Mom and daughter duo, when Jackie (mom) found out, she decided to give the gift card to her daughter who had just started college. Hooray!  That’s some serious lunch money!  They were both thrilled and truly surprised and delighted! Cheers to three more surprises coming soon!

The store is decked out and spreading the love with cheery Lovefest signage.  Huge appreciations to our signmaker Christine for making everything look amazing!

Lovefest @WFM Glendale

We kick started Customer Appreciation Month off right
Our winner, Dr Afton Blake,  of the $500 gift card was thrilled!!

“Thank you thank you.  I have never won anything like this.  I was just this morning meditating on allowing financial abundance into my life and here it is!
I was so excited I guess I must have left the beautiful bouquet of flowers in the shopping cart.  Well, I have them in my imagination.
Thank everybody there”
Afton Blake

LoveFest at PCH

Here's our midday coffee pop up that we ran yesterday--sold some cinnamon rolls right along with!

LoveFest: Hingham Mystery Cart Winner #1

We made Mike from Dorchester’s Day!  Our in store cheering crowd and the busy lunch rush created lots of great energy in the store!  As he left the store he keep saying, “I love you guys.  I love you guys.”

Meg, our cashier extraordinaire got to give him the good news and it may have made her day more than his…well almost!
#WFMThanks #loveFest

Ft. Apache's Big Lovefest Magnet

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Whole Foods vs. Safeway: A price comparison of popular grocery items

Safeway is regarded as an everyday neighborhood market where shoppers equipped with Club Cards score deals on pantry staples. This is where you stock up on bags of flour and sugar and cans of beans and tomatoes because the prices are amazing, right?
Whole Foods, on the other hand, has a reputation as a gourmet grocery store where beautiful organic fruits and vegetables are piled high in the produce section and the shelves are stocked with specialty items such as raw almond butter and locally made salsa. You might shop at Whole Foods regularly, but you're going to pay a high price, right?

Continue Reading here on SF Gate.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

TM Volunteer Trip-Madagascar!

Vivi, Brittany, Jon, Judy, Susan,Erin, Sarah, Bryan, Alessandro, Amber Lee and IJ traveled to Madagascar to meet  WPF microloan clients and learn in detail about Whole Planet Foundation and how it works in the field and in communities around the world. Our team came from all around the company representing 9 different regions and 3 countries.

We were fortunate to travel, connect and bond  with our vendor-partners Madecasse and Frontier, meet the farmers who grow and produce our cacoa and vanilla, and contribution to the Antarakarany community by helping to build schools, gardens, fences  and wells. It was the adventure and learning experience of a life time, with tons of hard and rewarding work, laughter, music,  local food, dance, deep discussion and team building.

The difference that every WFM TM can make by supporting WPF is immense to the micro loan clients and their communities.
I don’t have enough words to describe what a difference each of us can make- our group can only can share photos and  stories to try and share the experience with those around us.
-Kim Collison


Wednesday, September 2, 2015