Monday, November 30, 2015

WBR Thanksgiving Coffee Art

1st BAR 1902 Event: Feed4More Fundraiser & Artist Reception!

On Friday, November 20th, Bar 1902 hosted its first BIG event: An Artist Reception for our first featured local artist Pamela Becker & Feed4More Fundraiser!

There was a ton of great energy & teamwork leading up to this event, resulting in an awesome turn-out & great local involvement:

Our featured artist Pamela Becker reached out to her base, as we are highlighting her artwork in Bar 1902, & agreed to donate the Silent Auction item, pictured above, to our Feed4More recipient – the Sedona Community Food Bank. Cathleen, the Executive Director of this great non-profit, also reached out to her base & also had a presence at our Holiday Tasting to talk about her organization & help advertise this event. We had a flyer up in Bar 1902 and our patrons had an entire week to look at the Silent Auction item “Innocent Spirit” and cast a bid.
Thanks to Pamela’s generosity, 100% of the winning bid ($700) went to our Feed4More drive!

Adding to the above, we delivered the above flyers to local hotels/tourist hubs, utilized bag stuffers, actively posted on social media, included flyers at the holiday table, & ran an AD in the weekly newspaper KUDOS, which is very popular with Sedona locals. With the AD, we also got a free press release, attached at the end. Thank you TJ for the all the design work!

Prep-foodsSpecialty, & the Team at Bar 1902 stepped up in a BIG way! 

Our Beer & Wine Specialist Paul reached out to LOCAL AZ Winemakers Chateau Tumbleweed & arranged for them to come out to give free samples of their wines, 2 red & 2 white. They were happy to be involved! Our Prep-Foods & Specialty Team created specially paired bruschetta (thank you Lema!) & cheese plates (thank you Fredric!) to match Chateau Tumbleweed’s wine, for sale by glass or bottle at Bar 1902. People at the event raved about the delicious, bite sized bruschetta & cheese, and loved being able to sample a few different blends while talking to the Chateau Tumbleweed winemaker Joe & his wife/wine-marketer Kris. They also advertised the event (& the fact that we are serving their wine at Bar 1902) at their tasting room & on Chateau Tumbleweed social media pages.

Tying in even more AZ LOCAL, we also used LOCAL Village Baker baguette, LOCAL Mountain Top Honey, & LOCAL Black Mesa Ranch goat cheese for this special event menu.
The result was unique, delicious, and highlighted ingredients that can be found at our Whole Foods Market next door.

We invited LOCAL musicians Charles Cline (opening 5-6pm) & Paolo (6pm-8pm) to play music & make announcements throughout the evening.
We also invited them both our musicians & Pamela Becker to take part in our final tasting to finalize pairing menu, shown above!

Both these talented musicians have great local followings: Charles brought in the 25-35’s crowd with ambient acoustic, while Paolo attracted the 45-65 age group with classic jazz.  
Making these strong connections in the community will have lasting benefits, as they invited some Sedona trendsetters & social organizers to this event who gave their feedback & let us know what they’d like to see more of in Sedona & at Bar 1902. It was a combination of our WFM SED Team & our local participants that made this event such a success!

The music sounded great (perfect volume, as allowed for conversation) & there was a steady crowd from 5pm-8:30pm, with at least 100 attendees throughout the evening. 
Awesome turn out! The Team at Bar 1902 made sure everyone was taken care of, even with the crush of attendees!
(Lisa, Suzanne, Amy, Lema, Drew, Jim – Awesome JOB! Even the juice bar helped out when they could. Dave, Izail, Brian & the Green Team helped as well! Thanks all.)

Throughout the evening, we called out the Silent Auction to let everyone know about our Whole Foods Market Feed4More program.
It was an eclectic, vibrant mix of people: art & music lovers, wine & beer lovers, foodies, visitors & locals of all ages!

After a few hours of music, wine & food, we announced the winner of the Silent Auction item:
Jessica Groeneveld, who had driven from Scottsdale just for this event, won with a $700 bid.
100% of that $700 bid went directly to our Feed4More program & the Sedona Community Food Bank.

Social Media!

This Press Release went out in the local Kudos weekly paper a week before the event:

Appreciations: TEAM SED! This was a true team effort. Thanks to Anibal for introducing Pamela Becker & guiding this event from start to finish. Kevin for being there  to support all aspects of scheduling/finalizing plans & trouble shooting each day up to the event. Bill C. for guiding style/focus for Bar 1902! Lema & Fredric: the Special Menu was a hit & highlighted our creativity & expertise! The Specialty Team for all the prep-work: Tom, Shelley, Caitlin… Fredric again! Paul & the Specialty Coordinators (Robert, Ryan, Claude) for getting Chateau Tumbleweed in the system. Paul (again!)for building the collaboration with Chateau Tumbleweed on short notice. John for sorting Aloha! Jason MSI for making sure all things technical work at all times. The team at Bar 1902: Lema (again!), Drew, Suzanne, Lisa, Jim, PLUS the Juice Bar staff who jumped in to assist. Dave, Izail, Brian of the Green Team for helping move chairs/ keep the place looking great for the event. Rick, because YES! TJ for making a SUPER last minute flyer – Regional Marketing Team for all the guidance (even with DTWN LA opening same time frame!). Sara, Sonja, Mary Moon – Thank you! Eric, Marian, Jack (for sorting the $$), Amy, Corina & the ENTIRE Customer Service Team for helping get the word out to our customers. This event had very limited time for planning, but went off great! Cannot wait for the next one. Here’s to doing what we do best at WFM: great food, drinks, & being awesome, positive partners with our local suppliers, customers, & community. THANKS ALL!

Turkey Week at Kailua

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Allegro Coffee Roasters - Tennyson

Big coffee gets a bad rap. And for the most part, that reputation is well deserved. The country's biggest names in coffee certainly aren’t making their fortunes with sustainably sourced, mindfully roasted, or even halfway decent-tasting beans.
But Allegro Coffee Company, a big name you’ve likely heard due to its association with Whole Foods, makes a compelling case that bigger can be better with their latest venture: A stand-alone cafe and roaster called Allegro Coffee Roasters Tennyson that opens on Wednesday. Though the company roasted approximately 5.8 million pounds of coffee in 2013 and is responsible for supplying the shelves of hundreds of Whole Foods locations with freshly roasted beans, this is the first time Allegro has tackled a freestanding cafe independent of a Whole Foods location.
Read more here on 

Friday, November 13, 2015

One Week Until Opening

Allegro ready for the media tour tomorrow, shop opens in one week!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Beer of the Week: Lagunitas Born Yesterday

Beer of the Week: Lagunitas Born Yesterday

The Washington Post
(Lagunitas) By Fritz Hahn | October 24 at 12:30 AM By now, every beer lover has been told that fresher is better when it comes to hoppy beers, and an increasing number of breweries are trying to make it easier for you to figure out how close your IPA is to its peak. Stone’s “Enjoy By” IPA series puts the best-before date right on the bottle or tap handle, and it’s typically within six weeks of when the beer was shipped. Flying Dog, the Bruery, Victory and Great Lakes place a suggested best-by Read the full story

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

SoPac Leadership

Had to share this cool picture of the SoPac Leadership Team - Diane, Patrick and Erica.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Montrose Loves Local and Beer!

We’ve been moving some of our favorite local brews around the store and they are selling like crazy!
We helped St. Arnold with the release of their new Art Car Brew by being apart of the Art Car Crawl! The cars made a big impact in front of our store! 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Here are your Halloweek contest winners!


Check out Mary Beth Fletcher in the NA cool Halloween Costume!