Monday, March 30, 2015

VET's Meat Team is Easter Ready

Happy Easter from Hollywood (Portland)

Midwest Acronym Video

Pretty cool video the the Midwest has created to share some of the WFM acronyms during new store opening training.  Here’s the link to that video:  (Just 2 min. long)

Paula Miller gets the credit for creating it with some of our team members in the region.  It’s a fun, and quick way to introduce new TMs to some of the acronyms. 

DOM Gets Silver!

Thanks Dusty Edwards for the following post.

Hey Team,
If you haven't heard already, the DOM project won silver at the A.R.E. design awards last night!  We were entered into 2 categories, Best Supermarket and Sustainability and won silver for both.  There were no other projects that made it into both of these categories.

What an incredible honor for the Southwest Region and our many consultants that worked on DOM.  There were projects entered from around the world, and it was exciting to see the beautiful pics of DOM on the same screen as the Nixon watch shop in Paris and the Dhamani jewel store in Dubai, etc.!

Pics attached from the Gallery of Finalists, held just outside of the ballroom where they announced the awards.

We're looking forward to entering POA next year!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Song of the Week - Paradise Pick

WPF Skype from the Field - On Video Farm

Thanks to Patrick Diller for the following post.
Last week I had the opportunity to put on a live Whole Planet Foundation training event with the amazing Morgan Peretti where we Skyped live with Claire Kelly (Program Manager for WPF in Africa and the Middle East) while she was in Tanzania.  We got to hear all about what Claire’s job is, how she got into her work, and many amazing photos and stories about WPF partners and microcredit clients.  Steve Wanta, Global Program Director, spoke about the current state of the US programs and new projects that WPF is involved in.  Additionally we heard from Genie Bolduc who runs the Team Member Volunteer Program, and Ian Steyaert who is a team member at the global office that went to Kenya last year with WPF.  I wanted to thank the many TM’s that tuned in.  If you missed it, have no fear, we recorded it!  You can view on videofarm by clicking on the link below.  Be sure to have your viewing tracked so that you get training credit (MJLC code 1522325)!  Thank you to all team members for everything you do to support Whole Planet Foundation!

Innovation at Brentwood

Innovation was the name of the game during Beauty Week at BRT.
Here are the creations made by our talented Whole Body team members:

Collagen Fizzy Shooters & Gel-o Shots for Beauty Happy Hour
 DIY Deodorant
Shea Butter, coconut oil, arrowroot powder, beeswax, vitamin E oil, baking soda (aluminum free), peppermint essential oil, probiotic capsules

DIY Lavendar  Foot Scrub
– Epsom Salt, Grapeseed or sweet almond oil, Lavender Essential Oil & Dried Lavender
DIY Lip Scrub

Congrats on 50 Stores Midwest!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Welcome Knoxville, TN!!

MW Region's Most Recent Local Producer Loan Recipient: Sawmill Hollow Farm

We are happy to announce the Midwest Region’s most recent Local Producer Loan recipient, Sawmill Hollow! Located in Missouri Valley, Iowa, Sawmill Hollow is a local family farm that grows organic aronia berries. They can currently be found in the MW region.
The organic berry operation is a unique, sixth generation family farm run by Vaughn and Cindy Pittz and their son, Andrew. The Pittz family first planted 207 aronia berry bushes in 1997 and have since expanded the farm to 26 acres and more than 13,000 plants. It is also, according to Iowa State University, the first aronia berry farm in the country. Seeing the health and environmental benefits of the plant, the Pittz Family set out to reintroduce the native aronia berrycommercially to the United States.  
Sawmill Hollow’s goal is to democratize this native superfruit. By helping farmers start their own aronia berry plots, the farm sees itself as a facilitator of healthy, ecologically sound living. In addition to being a high antioxidant fruit according to USDA studies, the aronia berry’s perennial nature preserves nutrient-rich soil from erosion. As a mission, Sawmill Hollow hopes commercial aronia berry sales will help to diversify crops grown on Iowan soil.
Proceeds from the Local Producer Loan went to purchase a new walk-in freezer to increase their capacity and support expansion within Whole Foods Market. Their product line now includes frozen berries, powders, concentrate and more.
Thanks to everyone for your support of the program, and please let us know if you have any questions!

DePaul Coffee Bar

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Spring from High Street (Kensington)

"Out of the Vault" Rare Beer Release at Park Lane

Our first ever “Out of the Vault” Rare Beer Release took place at Park Lane this past Friday night!

Beer Specialist, Waide, gathered our very best beer selections to offer our guests
which featured every last aged, limited, and rare beer we had in both kegs and bottles...

Over 45 guests anxiously lined up for the rare bottle release at our Wine Bar at 5pm.
First come, first serve! 

Afterwards, the same guests (and more!) lined up for the rare keg tappings
and cheese plate pairing at our New Bar! Growler fills were available after 8pm.

We sold over 50 flights!

Our event was a great success with all the HUGE appreciations going to:
Beer Specialist,  Waide Wilson, for creating such an exciting and successful event
as well as Specialty Team Leader, Brandi Jackson, and the entire Specialty team
our PFDS team for creating a delicious beer pairing and
ASTL, Wes Pahl, for assisting with setup/breakdown