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Sneak Peak - RMLN in Santa Fe, NM

St. Francis


Memorial Day Flash Flood - Austin

Global WFM Office is the building on the left.

Great Local News from Austin!

Thanks Kate Lowery for the following post.

Check out this great local news! It will be today's Austin American Statesman and the local TV news stations are interested too! We are also working on a full page ad to appear in the Statesman on Thursday…
Big appreciations to Jeannine, Flash and the ETeam for their swift approvals to get this rolling and to Erin Harper for agreeing to help on a moment’s notice. It feels great to walk the talk and work at our fine company. Today was a good day.
4:10 p.m. Tuesday, May 26, 2015 | Filed in: Business<>
Austin- based Whole Foods Market<> said it will issue up to $1 million in emergency, no interest loans for businesses damaged by Monday’s flooding along Shoal Creek.
The organic foods giant said Tuesday it’s part of a “pay it back” effort after its own store saw devastating damage following the Memorial Day floods of 1981<>.
“Whole Foods Market understands the tragedy of floods. And, we also understand the power and positive impact of love in business,” John Mackey, co-founder and co-CEO, said in an emailed statement Tuesday. “We ONLY survived in 1981 because of the outpouring of love and support from local businesses, customers, neighbors, supplier partners and dedicated Team Members. Now 34 years and 419 stores later, we are able to return the favor to Austin and pay it forward to help the current generation of local businesses hurt by recent flooding.”
This clipping of the American-Statesman’s front page shows devastation seen in the area during the 1981 Memorial Day floods.
This time around, Whole Foods lucked out with little damage to a few offices at its Southwest regional offices on Lamar Boulevard near 11th Street after Monday’s floods.
In 1981, Whole Foods’ only store at the time had been open for about eight months near Shoal Creek in the spot where a Goodwill store sits today at 12th Street and Lamar Boulevard when the devastating Memorial Day floods arrived. The store’s interior and inventory was demolished and at the time, the retailer had no flood insurance, no savings and no warehouse inventory.
Soon after, customers and neighbors joined staff and team members to clean up the damage and help the store get back on its feet again, said spokeswoman Kate Lowery. The saying at the time was “stop moping and start mopping,” she said.
Whole Foods Market only store in 1981 was devastated by the Memorial Day floods of 1981. Credit: Whole Foods Market
“We were looking at how the community came together to help us get back in business after that Memorial Day (in 1981) and had this idea that we can pay it back and pay it forward at the same time,” Lowery said. “It was so unbelievable how people just started coming. It was friends and neighbors, kids and families, all cleaning alongside our team members.”
“We are forever grateful and humbled by the outpouring of community love and now it’s our turn to help our neighbors on the Shoal Creek flood zone,” Lowery went on to say.
The emergency loan program will go through Whole Foods’ existing local producer loan program, which issues loans to assist the retailer’s unique and growing vendor list. In this case, businesses along the Shoal Creek flood zone will be asked to submit basic information to apply, Lowery said.
This 1981 photograph shows a pair venturing out in the Memorial Day floods of 1981 near Whole Foods’ then and only store at the time, with a sign expressing thanks and plans to return. Credit: Whole Foods Market
“We are trying to keep it pretty simple,” she said.
Interested businesses in the Shoal Creek flood zone can apply by<> with their business name, address, articles of incorporation, the amount of loan money requested and their plans for the loan money.

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Elmhurst's 5th Custom Brew

The $6000 Egg

Thanks to Joseph Ramos, ASTL Newport Beach for the below post:
Just sharing some exciting stuff that happened in our Back Bay Tavern. Todd and Deb Duncan stopped in for a bite to eat one night and were really impressed with the level customer service and empowerment that they experienced in our tavern. Todd (who happens to be a NY Times bestselling author) wrote a blog about his negative experience at a local eatery and compared it to the phenomenal experience he had here at Whole Foods. The blog got over three hundred thousand views and eventually evolved into a published book. Sandy’s “never say no” attitude and the Tavern’s ability to create an off menu item created a memorable experience that hundreds of thousands of people heard about. It’s pretty inspiring to see our empowered team members to go above and beyond for customers as it truly sets us apart from the competition.
Below is a link to the article that inspired the book.

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Great photo!

Walter Robb, Erica Dubreuil and David Lannon

FORTUNE: How Whole Foods plucked this poultry startup for success

This mom-run chicken startup is booming, thanks to a loan from Whole Foods.

Striking out as an entrepreneur is, if anything, a deeply humbling experience. Serafina Palandech, co-founder of artisanal poultry product maker Hip Chick Farms, knows this all too well. For Palandech, the harshest sting—and, arguably, the most important one for her business—came from none other than organic supermarket giant Whole Foods. - click here to read more on

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HSK Juice Bar in London!

The 21 Best Designed New Restaurants in America

The 21 Best Designed New Restaurants in America
THRILLIST | MAY 19, 2015

This article is from Thrillist Nation Dining out is a holistic experience -- a commune between taste, aroma, sight, surroundings, and whether or not... Read more

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Kensington's 1st Art Gallery!

Feeding U2

During rehearsal in Vancouver, and now on the road.

All Schools in Savannah to have Salad Bars

Sharing this true success story for the kids in Savannah-Chatham!
It all started with one salad bar @ Groves High School.  Next school year all schools (34,500 kids) will have salad bars with lunch.

Thank you for all you to to make this work possible.
Nona Evans

And a nice news story to boot!

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Song of the Week

Paradise Pick

Belly Laughs & Beer Flights at Arroyo

It’s all
beer flights & belly laughs
at Whole Foods Market Arroyo!

We hosted our fifth monthly comedy night last Tuesday evening at 110 & Bellevue.
Originally hosted by team member Wendi Starling,
this event has grown into a fun monthly outing for our restaurant-goers.

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Pizza Acrobatics at Chambers Bay Opening

Enjoy the mesmerizing pizza spinning talent of Northern California's very own Matthew Driscoll entertaining the masses at the Chambers Bay store opening last week.

3 Day Artisan Baker Certification Program at San Francisco Baking Institute


Hope all is well.  Our amazingly talented bakers are in day 3 today of training at SFBI concurrent with our Artisan Baker Certification Program.  Few pics attached and more to come to build our library for collateral and social.    

Huge photo cred to our Global Photographer Ha Lam.

Thanks for looking!

Catherine Trujillo