Monday, August 31, 2015

Reno is Burning Man Ready

Hatch Chiles in Venice

Making it easy for folks in Venice to find Hatch Chiles mild, hot or XXX HOT and roasted.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Gateway - Back to School Bundle Deal

Gateway is off to the races with the back to school bundle deal!

·         Multiple bunkers with wraps
·         Posters at each entrance
·         Double sided door banners
·         Large danglers
·         1up, tabloid, rail chalk
·         Large and small A-fram chalks
·         Listed on store calendar
·         Passive sampling

Appreciations to all the teams for getting everyhting up and fully stocked. Thank you to our GA, Nicole, for all the sign and messagin material.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cotton Candy Grape Juice in Quarry

#FLXBUS #theTOUR Midwest Region

Making Progress on 365

Tressa and Isabelle working hard.

Cover of the New Yorker

Marinated Chicken at Playa Vista

Welcome Willowbrook

Yesterday, the Midwest opened their new Willowbrook store.  Willowbrook is a suburb located southwest from Chicago.  This is a relocation of the existing Willowbrook store which opened in 2002.  It’s the last of the 7 Dominick’s stores to open and is our 9th store opening in the 2015 fiscal year.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nine Food-Related Companies That Are Changing the World - Eater

According to Fortune's list of 50 companies that are changing the world, here are nine that are revolutionizing the food game.
Whole Foods — This Austin-based company set the bar for grocery stores. Placing focus on healthy, natural, and nutritious foods, the company pushed competitors to begin carrying more organic food in order to keep up. The retailer is also opening a lower-priced 365 store (which should open five locations by 2016), refuses to sell overfished seafood, pushes for animal-welfare standards, and will require that all products sold in its sores that contain GMOs be clearly labeled by 2018.


Whole Foods is America's most iconic upscale grocery store chain, and it's no doubt played a role in Americans thinking more about what they eat. But in the beginning, it was a store created by hippies, to cater hippies. In this video from Fortune, co-founder John Mackey explains how he believes the growth of the concept was about more than money, and was in fact "fulfilling our dream."

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Germantown WFM Creperie

This Way to the Chicken Sale - SLO

San Luis Obispo is making easy to find the chicken tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

BIRD IS THE WORD big Roti Chicken Sale this Friday

Local Producer Loan Recipient - GoodPop!

We are happy to announce the most recent Local Producer Loan recipient, GoodPop! This is an interregional loan shared between SW, RM, MW and NA. Located in Austin, TX. They can currently be found in the SW and RM regions, soon to expand to NA, FL, MW, SP, NC and PN regions!

One scorching Austin, TX summer day back in 2009, University of Texas student Daniel Goetz needed something refreshing. Daniel couldn’t think of any options other than the Austin summertime staple, the sno-cone. At the sno-cone stand, Daniel asked the infamous question, “What’s in that syrup?” The employee responded with a shoulder shrug. Craving a more wholesome, delicious treat, Daniel searched out places who carried traditional Mexican-style paletas naturales or natural frozen fruit bars. What Daniel found put him in a similar predicament: artificial flavoring, coloring and ingredients he couldn’t even pronounce.
Two months later, GoodPop All-Natural Frozen Pops hit the farmers market. It wasn’t long before his GoodPops became well known amongst the city of Austin. Since those humble beginnings, GoodPop’s wholesome, mouth-watering frozen treats have become one of summer’s favorite treats!

Since loan recipients have a unique relationship with Whole Foods Market, we’d really appreciate you keeping GoodPop in mind for things like in-store marketing, promotions, demos, etc.  Please share this information with your team members and guests!

Tender and True Weekender in Rocky Mtn.

Here are some pics from last weekend's Tender and True weekender last weekend in the RM region.

Team 365 Update

In the wake of some big announcements regarding the 365 by Whole Foods Market brand, here’s a quick video update from President Jeff Turnas about 365 and some of its new players – please share with your regions so all Team Members can watch! 

Stay tuned for more announcements from Jeff as things continue to develop with this exciting new concept!
Team Crave 365

Friday, August 14, 2015

3 Day Sale at Venice!

Supplement Sale at Lamar

Join us for three days of health & wellness!

*25% OFF all supplements, all brands*
*Supplier demos & free samples all weekend long*
*Saturday 10 am-Fitness on the Plaza: Core Power Yoga*
*Sunday 10 am-Fitness on the Plaza: Modo Yoga*