Tuesday, March 21, 2017

WFM Feeds the Fire Folks

Thanks to Heather Larrabee for the following post.

There are about 400 or so firefighters and emergency personnel in Boulder this week as the efforts to put out Sunday’s Sunshine Canyon wildfire continue.

This morning we got to do something really special as a store and feed all those folks a power breakfast!

When we asked how we can help, the BFD responded with “calories, please!” We were happy to oblige with breakfast burritos, whole milk, OJ, popcorn and bananas!

Most of the firefighters had yet to arrive but when they do, they’ll be greeted by several tables full of food.

Huge thanks to our PFDS, Bakery and Grocery teams for helping to put it all together. And to Heather Larrabee for all the communication efforts between us and the fire training facility.

Tons of respect and gratitude for our firefighters, be sure to thank them every chance you get!

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